Understanding the Psychoeducational Report

I’ve tested a number of kids for ADHD and learning disabilities over the years. After I do many hours of testing, I write up a long, fairly complex report.  I know, when I meet with parents to go over the results of an evaluation that they can’t possibly digest it all in one sitting. Because of this, I wrote two articles that I hoped would be helpful to parents after they took my report home. One article is an overview of the testing process. The other is an in-depth look at the testing process: what kinds of tests are used, what the results might look like and how they may be interpreted.  If you have had your child tested, my thought was that it would be really useful to take out your report and have it handy as you read this article. I hope to have covered many of the areas that a typical evaluation report would address.  

These articles can be found on my website under Services: Assessments: Understanding the Psychoeducational Report.

I would love to get feedback from parents who read the articles, letting me know if they were helpful or whether there are areas that are missing or unclear.

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