About Dr. Waxman

Robyn P. Waxman, Ph.D.

Dr. Waxman is a regular contributor to Baltimore's Child

Dr. Waxman is a Licensed Psychologist Who Has Expertise Working with Children and Adults

I graduated from Vassar College with a certification in Elementary Education and went on to earn my doctorate from The American University in 1996.  I completed a two-year Post-Doctoral fellowship in School-Based Mental Health from the University of Maryland Medical School.  My background has taught me that it is critical to work in collaboration with the adults who are important to the children I see.  In many cases, this includes their teachers and school counselors.  I am particularly skilled at working together with parents and other professionals—I view my contribution as one “piece of the pie” but I also recognize that, for most children, there are many people who support them and nurture their well-being.

I use a cognitive-behavioral approach to help clients recognize that their perceptions of situations influence their emotional responses.  When working with adults, I frequently help them examine how family dynamics from the past can shape one’s perception of current situations (and how that may or may not be helpful).  When working with children, I utilize creativity, art and imagination to develop cognitive-behavioral plans that help them achieve their goals.  When working with adolescents, I use a combination of strategies (anything that works!).  My sense of humor and my active approach to therapy help many teenagers feel more comfortable with the process, resulting in an open atmosphere that encourages them to consider possibilities that they have not previously considered.  When this doesn’t work, I help them recognize how they have a better chance of “getting what they want” if they give back a little…