Common Concerns About Testing

Common Concerns About Evaluations

Parents may have reservations about having their child evaluated. Common concerns include: fears of having their child labeled, concern that they will be pressured to put their child on medication, and anxiety about the stigma attached to certain diagnoses. There are times when parents may just need additional time to process the idea that their child may have a learning issue. The possibility of finding out that there is something “wrong” with your child can be a scary one. On the other hand, the benefits of having your child evaluated can be enormous. Over time, children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD frequently come to believe that they are “dumb” or that they just can’t learn. This can impact their self-esteem, their behavior, and their relationships with friends and family. Families frequently spend many frustrating hours battling with their children over homework -- often resulting in troubled relationships between parents and children. Many of these issues can be resolved if an assessment is conducted and an appropriate course of action is identified. There are a broad range of interventions (both educational and technological) that can change the way your child learns and alter their experience in school. The comforts and reward for both child and parents is identifying the learning style and strategies best suited for academic success and life-long learning!